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VANC - in tool and mould construction

3D machining for the highest demands

The VANC 3D Module offers a variety of editing options and generates high-speed toolpaths for the demands of complex tool and mould construction.

VANC is the ideal solution for the demanding tasks of modern tool and mould construction companies.

All toolpaths are automatically checked for collisions between the tool and the un-machined part. The adaptive roughing with automatic feed control, innovative full cut avoidance and trochoidal processing ensure optimal results and shorter processing times.

Soft and optimal toolpaths are generated with HSM and HSC options for finishing for a perfect surface finish.

Unnecessary retraction paths and air cuts are largely eliminated. The tool life is increased through soft and tangential entry and extension paths.

VANC – 5-axis simultaneous processing

A very efficient and above all safe programming is guaranteed with proven 5-axis simultaneous processing strategies in collaboration with the simple operation.

Complex applications and industry areas such as cylinder heads, impellers, mould cores and cavities and the aerospace industry are areas in which VANC 5-axis simultaneous processing is implemented.

  • NURBS surfaces, STL geometry or wire frame models
  • Simultaneous 5-axis roughing
  • Hobbing for side wall machining
  • From three to five axis conversion
  • 4-axis rotary machining

Video: Blisk machining



Video: Closed Impeller machining



Video: Complete impeller machining



Video: 5 axis continious port machining